Housing Settlements

Destitute widows are given a deed to approximately 1/8 acre of land which has been purchased from the proceeds of the shoe containers sent from America.  As donations come in, they are given a three room, wood frame, metal siding and roofing house, a latrine, beds, and living room furniture.  One burner stoves, (pictured) are also a donated item.  

Jones Village, built in 2012

Diveley Village, built in 2013

Yoder & Cindy Village, built in 2014 - 2016

Flory Village, built in 2016

Val Village, built in 2017

Martha Village, built in 2019

Stephen Village being built Spring of 2022, new blessings and responsibilities!

Cooking typically was on a small metal plate using charcoal on the floor.  These stoves with cabinet were built and donated to the widows from a generous donor desiring they have a way to cook their meals standing at the counter.  A very nice addition to their cooking culture!!

A new goat pen & a goat is an exciting addition to a home.

Chicken coops, chickens, & feed provide eggs & chicks to others.

Area around houses make excellent gardens that respond to good water.

This is a comparison of a mud hut out in the Maasailand (bush country).  A few widows there were given a home (shown in the back-ground).  The mud huts are very small, sticks and twigs for side walls covered with cow dung which dries to make their siding.  Pieces of tin, wood, rocks, straw and logs make the roof.  Inside, a leather hide is used for a bed, an open fire with a small hole in the top of side wall to let out the smoke.  Still, it is smoky and so many flies you cannot open your mouth much, yet these women are happy and content.  Interestingly, they enjoy their house so much so the cooking is done in the mud hut, to keep their new house nice.  Thank you all who share your resources to achieve this blessing!

New project in Stephen Village!  2023

Aquaponics Project, sponsored by Nairobi University