Well of Hope was founded in 2003 by Nathaniel and Zipporah in Kenya, Africa, to provide widows and orphans with food, shelter, education and health care as well as Christian training.


To ensure the empowerment of the underprivileged widows and orphans in Kenya, Africa, in spiritual guidance, education, health services, economics, housing, and clean water.

Mission Statement

To lift up and support brokenhearted widows, bringing them together in order to overcome the loneliness posed by the loss of their loved ones.

Child Sponsorship

To provide education for widows' children and orphans for employment opportunity and to rise from poverty.


Well of Hope International


Sponsorship Program


Housing in Progress

Thank you for visiting our site!  It is exciting to see widows and orphans being cared for in Kenya Africa.  For more information on child sponsorship, housing, wells, or to donate, please see the contact page.  God Bless you!